New year, New wire EDM machine: Mitsubishi Electric MV2400-S

wire-cut EDM Mitsubishi Electric MV2400-S

With the new year and the will to invest in China Cutting Tool, Inc.’s future, we are glad to introduce to you the first novelty of our 2016: wire EDM machine Mitsubishi Electric MV2400-S, with 600 x 400 x 300 mm strokes and wire with diameter up to 0,1 mm.

MV2400-S is one of the latest models brought to the market by the Japanese producer.

It is equipped with an innovative “optical drive system”, which allows all the components to communicate with one another in real time, and with tubular shaft motors.

The Digital AEII generator checks the vertical position of the spark, obtaining the best parallelism of the work piece. The machined surface isn’t attacked by the electrolytic corrosion and doesn’t experience any damage starting from the roughing; this means an increase of the working life of the steel mould, the abolition of micro cracks on the carbide surface and the decrease of the decarburized layer (the deterioration of the alloying element in solid carbide).

Furthermore the Precise Finish Circuit system, that characterizes the generator, the first in the world that controls the discharge digitally, makes it possible to reach superficial finishing of Ra 0,28 μµm with high precision and few steps.

Other key features of this revolutionary wire EDM machine are:

  • PM2 Automagic software, that adapts automatically the machining technologies to achieve the final finishing requested by the user;
  • 3D-PM, a patented innovation by Mitsubishi, which anticipates the problems that can occur during the piece machining and carries out the appropriate solutions (almost setting to zero the chance of wire breakage);
  • the NC Mitsubishi Meldas 700 with a 15” touch screen, that controls 5 axes at the same time;
  • the new system of automatic threading (Intelligent AT), which improves the wire annealing and straightening performances, enabling the maximum steadiness during the machining and securing the minimum roughness, even in difficult work conditions.

For all these reasons wire EDM machine MV2400-S is suitable for a large number of applications and, summarizing its advantages, it will allow us to:

  • obtain very low superficial roughness (up to 0,28 µm);
  • increase the dimension of the working piece (up to 300 mm height);
  • achieve a very high precision during the machining;
  • reach high production standards and improve the repeatability of the machined pieces.

Thanks to Mitsubishi Electric MV2400-S, China Cutting Tool, Inc. will be able to offer you an even more accurate and complete service.