Tugsten carbide powders

Widia, also known as hard metal, is a material used for mechanical machining and is composed by hard particles of tungsten carbide englobed in a metallic die (usually cobalt).

It is produced by sintering: the fine powders of the components are mixed, pressed and then reheated, maintaining high pressure so that the grains of the powders combine forming a single piece.

The slang expression Widia comes from the brand Krupp that invented this material in 1926 and named it Wie Diamant (like diamond).


Hard metals are employed to manufacture tools for industrial operations with chip removal (turning, milling, drilling) or for every other process that requires a very hard material (cutting, shattering, wear-resistant etc.).


HM tools are harder than HSS ones (HV 1500 instead of HV 1000) and they withstand higher cutting temperatures (1000 °C instead of 600 °C) enabling a greater machining speed.
(quotation Wikipedia)

China Cutting Tool, Inc. deals with hard metal of every kind: from submicron grade such as HM (for the machining of stainless steel, titanium alloys etc.) and HM20 (for cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastic materials, etc.) to ultrafine quality like HSC4 and HSC2 (for HSC high speed machining) or HM08 (for ultra-hard and very abrasive materials machining) and to quality G (shock-proof).

Besides Widia, that represents our core business, we also deals with various kinds of steel (HSS, sintered, etc.), iron and aluminum alloy, depending on which material these tools are going to work.

Solid carbide – Widia